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Fiber To Every Home and Premise




Baielys Harbor residents…

We are proud to be connecting all of Bailey’s Harbor to the Bertram Network!

Let us know you would like to get connected to the Bertram Fiber network today. This will allow our teams to most efficiently connect the town as our construction teams and installation specialists work through your town.

Please complete the whole process on the form. Once it’s completed, you will receive an email that will take you into a personalized account portal where you can sign the agreement. You must sign the agreement to get on the installation list.






*Some Restrictions Apply






*Some Restrictions Apply






*Some Restrictions Apply

*Pricing and promotional offers are available for a limited time and are subject to change at any time for any reason. Valid for new customers only. 5.5% broadband recovery fees will be assessed each billing cycle. Added fees may be required for additional equipment and services. Internet speeds are not guaranteed and may vary by equipment, number of users/devices and other factors outside of Bertram Internet’s control. Actual speed test results may vary up to 30%.

Referral program available to existing Bertram Internet customers (referrer) and new Bertram Internet customers (referee). For each referral that results in a new activation, the referrer will receive a $50 bill credit beginning the month following the referee’s installation date. Referral payments will come in the form of bill credits applied to your Bertram Internet service account. Program statement credits are not redeemable for cash. Terms and restrictions apply.

Subsidized Installation Options

Basic Install 1 Year Contract


Cable from ROW to Side of Home (shortest distance from ROW $40ft if shortest path not taken)

Box and NID placement on side of home

Basic Install into home 1 exterior wall entry and 25ft of cable

Non Basic Install $199.99



Longer cable runs than 25ft

Running cable through chases or rafters

As construction gets rolling keep an eye out for our contractors equipment near street corners and sides of roads, trucks with trailers delivering conduit and our crews working with shovels and other tools locating utilities and installing drop vaults. Click Here to learn more about the entire process. This work is setting the stage for a new dawn in connectivity, Fiber.

Bertram strives to return all areas we are working to as close to pre-construction condition as possible. So much so that we have a team dedicated to this portion of the process. If there’s something you feel needs another look or a little more TLC please call 262-706-3260 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Each association should contact Bertram to determine the best  method for connecting their individual property owners.  Circumstances are different and may require different approaches. Please contact to schedule a meeting.

Most residential users will be fine with the lowest level plan, 250 Mbps for $47.99 per month.  For many of us in Baileys Harbor, that level is 10-25 times faster service than we have today.  The cost of that level is also likely to be nearly the same or less than current prices we pay.  Bertram can increase or decrease your plan at your request at any time.  So try it out, and adjust based on your experience.

Yes.  If a serviceable location is located on a private road, every property owner along the road must sign the right of entry agreement.  If only one person owns the private road, they are the only person who must sign the agreement.

Residential services are:


250 Mbps Symmetrical Upload/Download – $47.99 per month

500 Mbps Symmetrical Upload/Download – $69.99 per month

1 Gbps Symmetrical Upload/Download – $99.99 per month


Small Business (Non-priority, no on-call tech, service issues addressed on a first-come first-served basis)


250 Mbps Symmetrical Upload/Download – $54.95/month initial 12 months; $64.95 thereafter

500 Mbps Symmetrical Upload/Download – $104.95/month initial 12 months; $114.95 thereafter

1 Gbps Symmetrical Upload/Download – $199.95/month initial 12 months; $209.95 thereafter

Unlike many cellular and satellite internet services, the Bertram service has no data caps and no throttling at all.

Yes.  A property owner may select dates between October 1 and April 1 where they request a basic service for $29.99 per month.  The property owner may select all of those seven months, or any portion of them.  This service means that basic service continues and no restart fees are needed.  The service during these months would be sufficient to operate basic smart services such as lights, and thermostats. This would not be sufficient for security cameras or other higher bandwidth devices/services.

The installation crew will contact each property owner to clarify the designated location for the service drop from the roadway to the property owner’s building(s).

Every effort will be made to use the shortest distance that provides the least disturbance, unless a different path is less expensive and disruptive.  If the property owner prefers a different path, Bertram’s installation crews will evaluate the request in coordination with the property owner.

Under the terms of the grant Baileys Harbor has with the Wisconsin PSC State Broadband Office, the cost of standard installations are included in the grant which ends in November 2024.  Therefore, most property owners would not have any additional cost for installing service from the roadway to the serviced location.  The standard installation allows for up to 300 feet and follows the shortest distance between the road and the building.  In the event there is a longer than standard distance between the roadway and the building, Bertram will communicate with the property owner about the additional costs which under the agreement with the Town are $40 per foot, which could be adjusted if the property owner provides its own compatible conduit. 

After the grant period closes, property owners must incur the cost of installing the service drop between the roadway and the premise.  The agreement with the Town declares this cost to include a Mobilization Fee of $3,500.  The cost covers the first 300 feet following the shortest distance.  Over 300 feet, the additional cost is $40 per foot which may be waived if the customer provides their own compatible conduit.

Bertram will provide an internal connection within a building up to 25 feet in length from the exterior box to a designated interior location.  The installation assumes passing through one exterior wall, and does not include cabling through walls and into ceilings.  Any cable run longer than 25 feet can be performed through existing cable chases in unfinished basements for $199.99.

The cable will be plugged into the power supply which must be plugged into a standard wall outlet.  The power brick will also have a plug which will accept a wired connection to your router. Bertram does NOT provide a router with their service.  The property owner must furnish their own router.  A picture of what the brick looks like can be found in the Router reference document, a resource that Baileys Harbor Community Association (BHCA) has created as an aide for property owners.

If you need support with your interior set up the Door County Broadband Committee has developed a list of potential technology support service providers.

The reference documents provided by the BHCA are not to be interpreted as an endorsement of any service or device.

No.  The only service offered by Bertram is internet access.  Streaming services for TV and movies can be purchased on your own.  See the streaming services guide that the Baileys Harbor Community Association has developed as a reference.  Similarly, Bertram does NOT provide telephone service.  Instead, customers are encouraged to use their cellular phones and turn on wifi calling features.  BHCA also has helpful guidance for that feature. 

Unlike many internet service providers, Bertram uses what is referred to as an active network.  This means that every premise gets its own dedicated fiber strand, rather than sharing them across premises.  This means the very highest service levels are available and every home is 10gb capable.

Yes. Bertram does NOT use overhead aerial lines in their networks.

Yes.  The trench is the property owner’s property.  You may – or you may have your contractor – place empty conduit in the trench.  You should follow all guidelines for placing it far enough away from the power lines.


If you want fiber broadband service from Bertram you must create an account through the online signup portal at . Once you set up an account, you must log in to to complete the right of entry and service agreement.  This allows access by Bertram to your property, where they will bury your fiber optic cable from the roadway to your premise(s).  Under terms of the broadband grant, installation costs are not charged to the property owner for installations 300ft and under from the right of way to the home. This no-cost installation offer is only available for the grant period, which is set to close at the end of November 2024. Waiting to get on the installation list later could result in thousands of dollars or more installation costs.


*Please note that at this time, we are not taking signups on the phone due to the influx of signups. Please complete the form. After you complete the form, you must sign in with the credentials you created during the signup process. When you log in, you can sign the right of entry agreement. Once this has been completed, the installation crew will reach out to you when the installations are scheduled. You will receive the project updates via email. If you need help signing up or do not have internet access, you can stop at the Bertram Office in Baileys Harbor or the Town Hall to complete the form on a device provided at these locations.

Construction is process all around Baiely’s Harbor at this time. Access will be available to ALL premises within the Town of Baileys Harbor under the agreement that the Town has with Bertram Communications.  Details about when specific addresses will be ready for connection will be provided at a later date.

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